Pattern Instructions for Kansas - Criminal

The Judicial Council published the first edition of Pattern Instructions for Kansas Criminal (PIK-Criminal) in 1971. That edition was supplemented twice. In 1982, a second edition of PIK-Criminal was published which was supplemented five times. In 1993, a third edition was published and that edition was supplemented six times, republished in 1999 and was supplemented eleven times. The 2010 supplement was the last supplement to the third edition of PIK-Criminal and a fourth edition was published in 2011. PIK-Criminal and its supplements are drafted by the Judicial Council Criminal Jury Instructions Advisory Committee.

All editions of PIK-Criminal have contained pattern criminal jury instructions for all Kansas felonies, jury instructions for selected misdemeanors, comments and notes on use. Use of the instructions has been strongly recommended by the Kansas Supreme Court. Yearly supplements to PIK-Criminal keep the instructions, comments and notes on use up to date by making the changes necessitated by legislative enactments and holdings in appellate cases.

Archived PIK-Criminal: