2015 Legislation

The following bills were requested by the Judicial Council for introduction into the 2015 legislative session. To learn more about the legislative history of the bills, visit the Kansas Legislature's website.

  • 2015 SB 22 - A bill proposing statutory amendments to streamline the expungement process by enhancing communication between district and municipal courts. The contents of the bill were passed in the H Sub for SB 128. See report.
  • 2015 SB 105 - A bill incorporating the 2008 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) into existing statute. The bill passed without amendments. See 2009 Memo and 2015 testimony.
  • 2015 SB 19 - A bill concerning electronic communications in administrative proceedings. The bill was passed with minimal amendments in the 2016 session. See report.

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