2020 Legislation

The following bills were requested by the Judicial Council for introduction in the 2020 legislative session. To learn more about the legislative history of the bills, visit the Kansas Legislature's website.

  • 2020 SB 333 - Modifying criminal procedures relating to a defendant's competency or incompetency to stand trial. This bill did not pass.
  • 2020 SB 334 - Modifying certain rules of evidence in the code of civil procedure related to authentication of records and documents.
  • 2020 SB 404 - Creating a process to terminate the parental rights of a person whose sexual assault of another has resulted in the conception of a child.
  • 2020 SB 405 - Amendments related to driving under the influence concerning motorized bicycle drivers' licenses, ignition interlock devices and driving under the influence by any person less than 21 years of age.
  • 2020 HB 2473 - Modifying the penalties for sexual conduct between certain juveniles and excluding such juveniles from offender registration. This bill did not pass.
  • 2020 HB 2474 - Changing the penalties for violating the Kansas offender registration act, creating a method by which the court can waive payment of fees, and allowing offenders to register in a single location. This bill did not pass.
  • 2020 HB 2475 - Making offender registration for certain drug crimes five years. This bill did not pass.
  • 2020 HB 2500 - Amending the Kansas power of attorney act regarding the form of a power of attorney and the duties of their parties relying and acting on a power of attorney.
  • 2020 HB 2554 - Enacting the uniform fiduciary income and principal act (UFIPA).

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